Friday, January 16, 2009

The Trip!!!

All right, so Kristina and I spent most of today mapping out our trip! Even though we went over it with train schedules, hostel locations, and plane fares, this still might end up being tweaked a bit. Our destinations! (drum-roll, please)

London, England
Paris, France
Bern, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Munich, Germany
Dusseldorf, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
--week interlude with Mom and David in Ireland--
Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Katowice, Poland

...and back home! The week before Mom and David get here is obviously going to be rather more frenetic than the two weeks following; we gave ourselves more time in each city for those two weeks. We'll probably end up having to cut up that first week so that we don't kill ourselves traveling.

(It was really funny - we spent forever trying to figure out if we could stay in, and find things to do in "Wien, Austria" - before stumbling upon the fact that Wien and Vienna are the same place!)

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  1. Wow! That is going to be AMAZING!
    So jealous... I have a 10 day vacation in April, and I'll probably be going to the Galapagos Islands which is exciting... it's no cross-country tour of Europe though!