Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheap food does exist in Eireann

Because, until my trip in April, most of my expenses are in the eating department, a lot of my time outside the apartment lately has been checking the price tags on food around town. A full meal for five euros ($6.50 at the moment) is pretty reasonable, and anything less than that is something to jump on. And, as it turns out, there are such places around Cork - you just have to hunt for them. But they're not common, and I usually have to pay more than that for lunch or a snack or whatever. -.-

Anyway, not a lot has been going on the past few days. I went to a different church for Mass on Sunday than last week. It's just up the road and it's called the Church of the Holy Spirit - will definitely have to post pictures of that on facebook. It's absolutely gorgeous both inside and out.

My Irish language class finally started on Monday, and it's looking to be pretty interesting, if challenging. Gaelic isn't exactly a familiar language to anyone outside of the UK, and the pronunciations and spelling in particular will be difficult to master.

My plans tonight are to head to a pub-like place on UCC's campus to watch Obama's inauguration. Kristina's excited about this for the sake of it, but I'm more interested in just meeting other international students. There should be plenty of American students in the pub tonight, so I'm excited to meet them. :)

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