Sunday, January 25, 2009

If I think my head hurts from reading too much philosophy, does it really?

That's what appears to be the main point of my Philosophy of Mind reading assignment, which I am taking a break from in order to update my blog. Each of these readings is impossibly dense, and only slightly improved by having a lecture on the same subject. I'm pretty sure I have to write a 1500-word essay for this class - which hopefully can be on a topic that doesn't break my brain to think about.

All in all, though, this semester shouldn't be too taxing. I believe my total assignment count, for all my classes put together, is 3 essays, a detailed project, and 4 exams. Really. I think I've had that much work crammed into a space of about three weeks. Granted, those weren't easy three weeks, but I still emerged victorious - and all I have to do here is pass.

I am also concerned about a particular requirement that I was an idiot enough to forget about for my application to the speech-language pathology program in Oklahoma City. There seem to be a few ways for me to complete the requirement, though, and I have been assured that I can still apply without having finished it, so long as it's done to their satisfaction by the time the program begins in August. I would REALLY like to hear back from the woman I e-mailed about it, though.

Ireland continues to be soaking wet - and a cold snap has come through as well. Brrr. Fortunately, though, it was neither wet nor cold when I walked the 30 minutes to church this morning. This week's choice was St. Francis, and though it is grand and beautiful, it doesn't seem particularly popular with the local population. It didn't even get to half-capacity. Which is probably the result of the fact that a very popular church, St. Augustine, is about 5 minutes away.

Kristina and I watched part of a movie called Idiocracy this afternoon. It's a comedy, but I honestly find it rather concerning and a little horrifying. It's about 2 average people who get "put on ice" for 500 years (accidentally), and wake up in 2505 to discover that the average IQ has plummeted to levels of near-retardation, so that they are easily the smartest people on earth with their average levels of intelligence. I don't know how it turns out, though, because the download rate almost stopped once all the Irish kids got back to school this afternoon.

Anyway, I should get back to my philosophy reading. Write later!

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