Thursday, January 29, 2009

Planning, comedians, and drizzly days

This week, so far, has been fairly quiet. Kristina and I have begun to reserve our flights around Europe, as well as book the hostels we want to stay in. In Paris, we're staying in the '3 Ducks Hostel,' which aside from having a very cute name, has good reviews and is quite close to the metro. :) We're working it out so that we are paying equivalent amounts for the trip without making it unduly complicated, which so far seems to be a good principle to work from.

Last night, the two of us went to Club Aras on the second floor of the Student Center on campus for a comedy night. It's a weekly event, and we had fun. There were six acts, five of whom were students of the school. The sixth one was a professional comedian from Dublin. I'd like to say that all of them were just fantastic, and that was *mostly* the case. Unfortunately, the fifth guy was quite preoccupied with the fact that he was dropping out of school the next day, was extremely bitter about it, and proceeded to take it out on us, by swearing at the students of UCC in general. He almost got himself into a fistfight with people in the club! I didn't see what happened - my cell phone rang during his 'performance' and I had to leave the room to try to hear the person on the other end - but I think the MC might have gestured him off stage before things got completely out of hand. O_O

The professional comedian, on the other hand, was pretty cool and funny, and I enjoyed his act the most, together with a nerdy guy whose routine involved an impression of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. :D Hilarious. Also, I had my first-ever drink - a Smirnoff Ice whose total alcohol content was only 4.5%. It actually tasted pretty good, and I barely felt the alcohol. It's a little odd to be legal here, and be able to buy such things in a public bar.

Kristina and I have plans to get our immigration cards early tomorrow morning (I've been in the Garda station twice already to try to do this, but they are so inefficient that the line barely moved either time. Hopefully, arriving before they open will do the trick. We're running out of time!). After we finally get that done, we're going on an adventure to Ballineen, 15 miles outside of Cork, to see a castle.

For today, we're just braving the constant light drizzle between classes. Our tutorial for Celtic Religion and Mythology was cancelled, so we're hanging around in the computer lab until 4:00, when our Irish Language class starts. Hope all is well with all of you!

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