Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lesson 1: The Irish are NOT Organized

I finally have all my classes mapped out on my schedule; for the curious, I'm taking:

Introduction to Modern Irish (this looks like it might be difficult, but fun)
Philosophy of Mind (a kind of blend between psychology and philosophy)
Human Sexuality (hooray! my last upper division psych credit to earn my minor!)
Aspects of Irish Folklore (taught by the world's cutest Irish-grandmother-type)
Celtic Religion and Mythology (my only class taught by an American man)

I've been to all of these classes... except for Introduction to Modern Irish. In an effort to accommodate everyone who wanted to take it, they had us settle on the rest of our schedule first, then turn in an application showing when we were available. It's my only class to meet 3 times a week - 3 very variable times a week. I have it early Monday morning, and a little bit later on Wednesday, and then way into the evening on Thursday.

I didn't find out when - or even IF - I would be taking it until today. Furthermore, I have a class which has - apparently optional - things called tutorials, which seem to be UCC's version of discussion sections. Anyway, we're not getting assigned to those until next Wednesday. So there's still an hour a week I'm going to be busy this semester that I don't know about yet.

It's enough to make me miss the US school system. At OU, before you set foot in a classroom, you know where you're supposed to be, when. Discussion sections and language classes included. What a concept! I don't know who's the exception - the Irish or the Americans. Does most of the world leave students hanging to figure out their full schedule until 3 or 4 weeks into the semester? I have the sinking suspicion that the majority of the world behaves more like the Irish than the US. I guess Irish students are just used to it by now, but honestly it drives me a little bit crazy. Especially given the fact that I'm in a totally foreign situation and it would make me feel better if I could nail down my schedule.

Sorry about the rant. I'm done now. -.-

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