Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's raining again

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Most of my weekend was spent finishing my philosophy essay, which, though a bit on the short side, I was pleased with.

Even though not much has been going on, time seems to move more quickly now. There are fewer than four full weeks of classes before the "review week" - from what I understand, this means no class, but possibly review sessions, and possibly available professors whose brains we can pick for our exams in May. On Thursday of the review week (April 2), Kristina and I are heading out, flying from Dublin to France for the first leg of our journey.

I can't believe our trip is coming up so soon! When we first made plans, it didn't seem quite real - more like we were playing make-believe, inventing an itinerary so that we could see all these places we've only heard of. But now it's only a month left until we leave! There are a ton of details we need to take care of in the next few weeks. One of the hostels we're staying at (the one in Rome) e-mailed me to inform me that the price of our stay had increased a good 16 euro (their excuse is that their technology screwed up and posted them as having cheaper rooms than they actually do. Hmm...). So I'm going to go back and see if there's now a better deal for those nights. If not, 16 euro isn't THAT big of a deal, but it's still annoying. They should stick to what people sign up for.

Kristina and I are planning on going to Kinsale on Friday. Also, there's a "comedy hypnotist" show tonight at 8:20. Choir is at 7, so I'll show up for that and leave early. Since the concert is coming up so soon, I don't want to skip it entirely.

I'll try and write again soon. My next update will probably be about Kinsale!

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  1. Erin,
    Please let me know how your choir thing goes!!
    What are you singing?
    And DO tell me all about this "comedy hypnotist" show! Sounds interesting. :-)