Saturday, February 28, 2009

This week went quickly

So quickly, in fact, that I might have trouble remembering what I did every day. On Sunday, I went to yet another new church with Kristina. This one is the Church of the Immaculate Conception (or as Kristina calls it, "the Lough church") and it's very nice, if not so grand as some of the others. Kristina pointed something out to me that I had utterly failed to notice - most of the churches here are built in the shape of a cross. :) It's lovely symbolism, and I'm glad I can appreciate it now.

Tuesday evening was choir rehearsal again, which was great. Some of the kids are going to Budapest in early April (forgive me if I've already mentioned this), but it interferes with the timing of my big month-long trip, so I didn't audition. Nevertheless, we have a big concert coming up mid-March that I'm excited about. I've really missed choir, and participating in a concert will be just like being home again. :)

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all caught up in studying for 4 exams that I expected to take on Wednesday afternoon. They were all for a computer course that I'm taking online; OU hosts it, and the first deadline was yesterday (Friday) so I wanted to make sure to do it ahead of time. But when I went in on Wednesday to the international office (a lady there is supervising my testing) we immediately discovered that their computers don't have Microsoft Office 2007, only 2003, which is a problem. So we went to the Boole library computer labs, and then the website for the tests wouldn't work. So, stressed and frustrated, I e-mailed the company's IT, who amazingly got back to me in less than 24 hours with a solution. So I went back to the international ed office on Friday and took the first 3 tests, but my instructor hasn't emailed me the fourth exam yet, so that's postponed to... whenever.

Yeah. Very exciting, right? The only reason I'm having to deal with this is because I was a dummy who forgot to take one of the prerequisites for my application to the Health Sciences Center, and after much hassle and to-do, landed myself in this computer class. SO much more trouble than I was expecting.

Anyway, what else went on this week? I'm currently writing a philosophy essay on the relationship between mind, body, and environment. Essays always take an excruciatingly long time for me, so I'm about 70% of the way done and am dedicating most of tomorrow to it too. I guess I shouldn't worry TOO much, since all I have to do is pass, but still.

Yesterday, after the computer tests, I spent a few hours shoving leaflets into people's letterboxes in a few neighborhoods in Cork. I was doing this with Kristina and a Pakistani man who works at Sania's restaurant, to help promote said restaurant. It was kind of cold and drizzly weather, and I got attacked by a small dog at one point, but overall it was good work. Last night, Erica, Susan, Kristina and I had a pizza party. We rented a chick flick, got some Indian food, some pizza, and watched the movie on Kristina's laptop.

So, overall, I've been doing pretty well. And if you feel the slightest urge to leave me a comment, I love comments, so please do. :D

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  1. Hey Erin! I've been enjoying being there in Ireland with you (so to speak...) thru your blog. It looks like you are having a wonderful time and learning lots, too.
    Your friends sound like a lot of fun!